About Us


“From Seed to Trees” ministries currently extends into Moldova, Romania and to Vietnam. It is envisaged, God willing, that these areas may in the future, extend even further to other nations as the Lord continues to bless and expand this ministry.

This work is bound up in one purpose, which is “Going, Sowing and Growing”. This is done through obedience to the Word of God by reaching, touching and changing these nations according to the Great Commission. Our one aim is to disciple, mentor and by reaching out through practical involvement.

All this is backed by your prayers and support, for which we are very grateful.

What we believe:

  1. The Bible is the Holy Word of God and is without error. It is God’s message to man. He clearly lays out His salvation plan for all to see.
  2. Jesus is the Son of God. He died, bore our sins, God raised Him from the dead and He lives and sits on the right hand side of God. Jesus Christ is King and Lord. One day, in the future, He will return to get His people who love Him.
  3. The Holy Spirit is the Third person of the Trinity. He is real and is a person. He is a promise from God. He directs, guides and convicts and indwells all Christians.
  4. There is a real Heaven and Hell. Satan and his angels are doomed to Hell because of their rebellion against God.
  5. God is the God of grace but He is also the God of judgement.